Top Career Lessons from an Engineering Career Coach – Podcast interview with Henry Suryawirawan

“You are your greatest asset in your career and in your life. Invest in you personally in all areas of life in order to live your best life.” – Jeff Perry, MBA

In this podcast, I was a guest of the Tech Lead Journal podcast hosted by Henry Suryawirawan and we talked about the important role of a coach or mentor in our engineering career. We also discussed the Engineering Career Clarity checklist and why it is truly important to find clarity in our career and the difference between a coach and a mentor. Throughout our discussion, we also touched on a few other topics, such as the Great Resignation, making intentional career transitions, transitioning to a leadership role, and the power of accountability. 

Listen out for:

  • Career Journey – [00:06:59]
  • More Than Engineering – [00:10:54]
  • Engineering Career Clarity Checklist – [00:12:58]
  • Finding the “Why” – [00:15:12]
  • Genius Zone – [00:17:38]
  • International Career Transition – [00:20:23]
  • Great Resignation – [00:22:45]
  • Engineering Career Coach – [00:25:32]
  • Power of Accountability – [00:28:45]
  • Transitioning to Leadership Role – [00:32:13]
  • Letting Go – [00:35:37]
  • Leadership Attributes – [00:39:32]
  • Engineering Career Coach Poadcast – [00:42:41]
  • 3 Tech Lead Wisdom – [00:44:30]

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